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Client Services
Veteran's Cleaning Service takes special care to understand the unique needs of each of our clients to design custom solutions that exceed expectations. Our attentive staff makes every effort to ensure you are 100% satisfied!

At Veteran's Cleaning Service, we provide a full range of janitorial services from the simplest jobs to those requiring more detail. Our services include but are not limited to: 

Private Schools
Commercial Office Space
Medical and Dental Offices
Daycare Centers
Specialized Services

Carpet Cleaning
Vinyl Tile - Stripping and Refinishing
Pre/Post Construction Cleaning
Event Clean-Ups
Wall Cleaning
Turn-Over Cleaning
Interior Painting
Lawn Maintenance
Pressure Washing
Install New Locks
Handy Man Services
When you partner with Veteran's Cleaning Service, we will custom tailor a cleaning and maintenance program to suit your precise needs, and then provide a detailed proposal that always keeps your budget in mind. 

Let us exceed your expectations today by providing you with a no obligation estimate. 

​Our cleaning packages are designed to fit every budget and take the guesswork out of deciding what services you made need. Contact us for a complete breakdown of the packages. We will come to you, free of charge, to complete a walk-through and make recommendations only on your approval. We offer: One-Time, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Annual, and other Cleaning Packages!

Why the extra time?

A customer who has never had their home professionally-cleaned is likely to have soil build-up throughout the house. We often gain new clients who are dissatisfied with their cleaning service and decide to hire our company. We take the time to remove extra soil and build-up around your home so that we are starting out with a "fresh palette." Here are some of the challenges we run into:


We put extra effort into removing hard water stains from fixtures, tubs, and sinks. We also frequently find build-up around the bottom of toilets, faucets, and other fixtures that must be removed. Shower doors may have lime, rust, and hard water spots. We take the entire room back to a clean starting point so in the future, regular cleaning will keep everything shiny and deposit free.


We clean the small cracks and crevices in the kitchen that some residential cleaning services overlook. The tops of cabinets, cupboards, and refrigerators are places that often go undusted or unclean for long periods of time. We find grease and fingerprints on most surfaces, especially stove tops, refrigerator doors, and small appliances. A good overall cleaning is essential to remove the hidden dirt, grease, and even unseen spilled food that need to be thoroughly cleaned up.

Living rooms and bedrooms

Homeowners are often too busy to do a thorough cleaning job. As people get busy, they sweep and vacuum what's visible, but they tend to ignore vacuuming and sweeping behind or under furniture. Dusting is often a task that homeowners leave for "when there is time." We clean window sills, bookshelves; baseboards, ceiling fans, and other furniture that may have a long term build up of thick dust.

Hallways and entryways

We clean these spaces that have build-up around baseboards and edges. It is important to keep these areas clean as dust and dirt is tracked in from hallways and entryways.